SEPHORA VIB Beauty Makeup Haul Coupon Code 15% off with GWP :)

 photo IMG_20130411_132158_zps5e11874e.jpg<<< VIB Sephora Tote Bag and GWP Samples :)

Yesterday was the start of Sephora’s 15% off event for VIB members. Bi-annually, Sephora offers beauty insider members a discount on all products in their stores, you just have to be a member and signed up to receive their email newsletter for the promotion.

You can sign up to be a Sephora Beauty Insider here at

Beauty insider members get a 15% off coupon code in their emails that they can print out and use starting today in stores (for Canadians). USA residents can print out their coupon code for use in stores, or use the promotion code BICHIC for an online shopping discount of 15%. The promotion runs for 1 week from today.

As a VIB member, I got to use my coupon code a day earlier and Sephora also provided free GWP (gift with purchase) makeup and beauty samples within a chic plastic carrying tote (see above picture). This Spring 2013, stripes and black/white are fashion trends, so I’m all set with my Sephora tote bag (also great to reuse as a lunch bag).

Here’s the remaining part of my Sephora beauty haul:

 photo IMG_20130411_131239_zps070da69f.jpg

Amore Pacific Moisture Bound Rejuvenating Eye Treatment Gel. Basically, it’s an eye cream (in gel format) that uses nanotechnology to target your cells with anti-aging mechanisms. It doesn’t contain parabens, and Sephora Canada just recently started carrying this line. Before, I had to source it out at Sephora USA or at the Holt Renfrew counter here in Canada. This thing seriously looks space-age, doesn’t it? I wanted to capture a shot of the metallic mirror embedded in the glass jar. I’m a sucker for pretty packaging :)

 photo IMG_20130411_131219_zps682ffc07.jpg

Next up is the fabulous Faberge egg nail polish by Illamasqua in “Fragile”. This company has gone and created a nail varnish that recreates the look of a robin’s egg perfectly, down to the Tiffany Blue pastel color in an eggshell finish, to the speckled “birthmarks” that appear all over a real egg. Their marketing spin is to encourage the user to embrace the imperfections found in nature; 2 coats will leave you with a breathtaking speckled egg effect all over your nails.

UPDATE: My Illamasqua speckled nail polish review can be found here:

 photo IMG_20130411_133837_zps50e91d30.jpg

I also saw the Christian Dior Nail Glow Polish on the shelf and quickly snatched it up. This has been one of my “must-trys” this Spring, a clear pink tinted nail polish that promises to produce the French Manicure effect on bare nails. It’s supposed to make your natural nailbed pink, and your (yellowed) nail outgrowth appear whiter. If you haven’t figured out by now, as long as a product is unique and innovative… it will definitely pique my interest, lol ;)

UPDATE: My Dior Nail Glow review can be found here:

 photo IMG_20130411_133828_zpsea01575e.jpg

A great incentive that all physical Sephora stores offer, is the ability to have custom samples created for you by the staff. Each person is allowed to (politely and kindly, of course) request 3 small store-made samples of products that you are desperately aching to try. Trying a sample first can help you determine if you have any allergies with the product, if you agree with the texture and smell of the product, and if you generally even “like” it, before you invest your dollars.

 photo IMG_20130411_131024_zps1d591bf8.jpg

Finally, I saved the best for last! Sephora’s Beauty Insider membership has a points program in place that awards you 1 point per $1 spent. Starting at 100 points, you may redeem for your choice of various deluxe beauty or skincare samples (encased in clear cubes at the checkout counter). Just waltz up to the nice cashier, and state which item you would like to receive Gratis (and hand over your membership card for deduction of points, of course). Once a year, Sephora also gives its members a birthday gift. You can find out more info on their website :)

 photo IMG_20130411_131422_zps6949b288.jpg

Today, this little beauty caught my eye. Encased in a sturdy matchstick black box was this miniature lipstick from Givenchy. I was happily surprised by the superb detailing Givenchy decided to bestow on this sample lipstick. It’s absolutely perfect to slip into one’s clutch or evening bag for a night out on the town. Le Rouge indeed.

 photo IMG_20130411_131544_zps8c46bd99.jpg

 photo IMG_20130411_131657_zps2697515a.jpg

Are you planning to take advantage of the 15% off discount at Sephora? What does your beauty haul look like?

30 thoughts on “SEPHORA VIB Beauty Makeup Haul Coupon Code 15% off with GWP :)

  1. AHHHHH!!!!! The sephora lady made me try on makeup so I can get my free VIB gift since it requires an express beauty service. I wanted to give that gift to my sister so I was like what the hell. Its only once. And then she sprayed the TEMPTU Airbrush makeup on my face and OMFG it makes you hot lol. It was very natural looking but something about it makes me look better. Bad part was that 2 guys were checking me out so Im not sure if it made me look gay lol. Anyways, there was this girl I met who kept saying “you’re so cute” after every sentence I said. so thats great. AHH!! Im actually considering makeup but as a secret. So yay or nay? My sis already has a TEMPTU so I can use hers or buy myself one. And honestly, you cant tell Im wearing makeup. Thats how good airbrushes are. remember…if it makes guys look hot what can be so wrong about it?? I think that if our society was less homophobic more guys would wear it. sadly…society is homophobic. I even know another straight guy who wears the stuff. Sorry I typed so much but Im so amazed by it. I even went to this vegan bakery yesterday and the guy was hitting on me. Curses. I wish makeup didn’t have the ability to do this.

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  3. Love these things! I bought the Buxom eye shadow primer and the Tarte Primer Mascara. I can already see a huge difference with my eye shadow, but I can’t tell how great the eye lash primer is…yet! Have you tried either of these?

    • Hi! While I haven’t tried the buxom eyeshadow primer, I have tried another brand: urban decay primer potion, and it really does help the eyeshadow to go on smoother and last longer. I really like the tarte primer mascara too, a couple of coats of that, before a deep black volumizing mascara really makes the eyes pop. Eyelash primer is a must for me :)

    • Thank you! Will you be shopping at Sephora too? Maybe they have sunscreen? ;) I’ll have to try the Amore Pacific mask one day from your recommendation, I’ve only tried their eye cream so far. I can’t decide which nail polish to play with first, lol. Will post a review of them :)

      • :-) The Givenchy mini lipstick has an amazing creamy texture and I think the color will work well for me. So excited to wear it out. Looking forward to seeing your post on the Illamasqua speckled nail polish; it looks like the Deborah Lippmann Candy Shop nail polishes.

        • Oooo….the Givenchy texture sounds dreamy! I’m excited to try out the blue robin egg nails tomorrow too. Will post my review on the polishes. Going to check out your video of your Sephora haul on your blog :D

          • I absolutely think the Givenchy will be on my “nice” list. I hate when lipsticks dry my lips out. I like the Illamasqua polishes. I received one in a Glossybox and fell in love. However, I have more than a few Julep, Sally Hansen, and Ulta polishes. Just started trying Essies. Hope you enjoy my video. :-)

  4. I love Sephora, and just bought a bounty of items to use in as raffles for a fundraiser I’m having at the shop in May. I love their kits, so I snatched up Charlotte Ronson’s All Eye Want Eye Liner Set, Ole Hendriksen’s The Art of Age Control kit, Clarins’ It Kit, and Living Proof’s Restore Discovery Kit for hair. I’ll swoop back in for more next month.

    • Oh yay! Another Sephora lover! Did you use the 15% off code too? I envy USA residents, who can use it for online shopping too ;) That sounds like a lovely fundraiser you’re organizing, cant wait to read about it. Wish we had more consignment shops like yours in Vancouver :)

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